Featuring...WNC Mountain Mamas!

By Kate Treap January 20, 2011

To all my fellow WNC Moms out there... I'm Kate, one of several moms who saw a need to form WNC Mountain Mamas. We wanted a local group, one that wasn't part of a remote organization, that truly reflected our diverse community of mothers and families. A group inclusive of all, a place to find other moms both as sounding-boards for ideas and questions, but also a place to truly bond and make friendships. As moms we all realize how important it is for our children to socialize, however in my personal experience I find the adage “happy Mom, happy kids and partner” to be VERY true. While initially my children made me branch out to find others in the same place in life, I continue to be involved in “mommy groups” for the sake of myself.


WNC Mountian Mamas is an online safe and sacred space for us to chat and catch up with each other throughout the day or week. There is access to a community calendar that anyone can post events or meetups on. We encourage all our members to invite the moms they know, to post whatever they want in the forums, to have playdates or outings that fit their schedule. We have open and honest reviews about local companies, businesses and the organizations that families in the community need and rely on. In this way we hope to be truly unique and let Mountain Mamas (MM) be as organic as the community we support.


Our goals here in WNC are to generate a community of support for each other as moms. Also equally important to support each other as the women we were before becoming mothers and the women we are evolving into through our new roles as parents. We encourage moms with children of all ages to join, even those who have an empty nest now. I feel adamant about honoring and reflecting on the communal knowledge collected by all mothers.


Again, whether it's a place to just shoot the breeze, discuss heated topics, vent about what's driving you crazy, seeking suggestions or support, feel like being silly and having a laugh together, WNC Mountain Mamas seeks to be the place for you! Currently we have one consistent meet-up, that's at the Hop on North Merrimon Ave every Wednesday at 11. You can find us all yacking 24/7 online anytime though at:


Hope to hear all your special Mama voices online soon.