Inspire Your Kids with STEM Learning that Looks Like Play

Zaniac Learning Center Opens Up in Biltmore Park Town Square April 19

By Reed Bilbray, co-owner and managing partner of Zaniac Asheville April 5, 2016

You never know where one decision will lead you. When my wife, Sandra, and I moved to Asheville from Dallas, we were embarking on an entrepreneurial adventure.  In Dallas, we both worked for SUCCESS magazine, a national newsstand publication all about entrepreneurs.  We wanted the dream of owning our own business for our family and for the community. We set our sights on Asheville because we loved the area and saw the potential of its incredible growth and forward-thinking demographic. Fast-forward a few big decisions later—having twin daughters (who are now 3) and moving to Biltmore Park—and we were moving in next door and down the street from good friends and future business partners … we just didn’t know it at the time. 

Today, we are thrilled to be partnering with a team of incredible people to open up a Zaniac Learning Campus in Asheville, offering STEM educational enrichment programs and camps for kids grades K-8th, right in Biltmore Park Town Square.

Zaniac Curriculum, Courses, and Camps 

Zaniac Learning builds students’ confidence with technology and math programs. Zaniac delivers an experience that engages kids while making parents proud about providing their children with a real academic advantage. Our core offering is Zane Math, a compelling, effective, and measurable approach to get kids caught up or ahead in math. 

Our After-school Programs begin April 25. Our Summer Camps begin June 13.

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We also offer over 15 six-week STEM enrichment courses, including:


  • Game-Based Learning: Minecraft - We use Minecraft as a tool to teach concepts like physics, natural resource management, and architecture.
  • Robotics: LEGO® - Students get exposed to engineering problem solving in a fun environment where learning feels like play.
  • Computer Programming - Using Scratch, a programming environment designed by MIT, kids learn the logic of programming without being buried in syntax. With intro to Python student work learn syntax concepts like lists, strings and conditions. 
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Parents love Zaniac’s free math assessment children can take and show to their teachers or tutors. Moms and Dads also love the soft skills their kids learn like collaboration, teamwork, critical thinking and the value in knowing making mistakes are an essential part of learning.

Zaniac Grand Opening

Our Grand Opening is April 19 from 4-7 p.m. and is free and open to the public. NASA astronaut and STEM advocate Dr. John Herrington, who flew to the International Space Station on the Shuttle Endeavor, will open the campus, meet children and be available for photos with your kids. We will have lots of fun activities for your kids including a scavenger hunt and games. Tour our campus and enjoy refreshments. 

We hope you make the decision to enroll in Zaniac Learning and spark your child’s passion for game-based STEM learning.  Use Coupon Code: Macaroni10 for 10%off their enrollment. This offer expires April 30, 2016. 

We want to help you prepare your children for 21st century jobs.  Your child’s future awaits.

For more information visit Zaniac Learning online. Zaniac is located at One Town Square Blvd., Suite 120. Email campus director Lynne Porter at or call her at 828.575.0355. Follow us on Facebook here. 

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Business owner, Lynne Porteris Zaniac’s campus manager and a co-owner.  A natural with children, Lynne wants to help kids break down barriers and labels that limit what children think they are capable of.  With the inspiration of hands-on play and innovative learning, she wants to awaken the innate curiosity of kids and empower them through the discovery of science and technology.

Another business owner is Dana Harris who is Zaniac’s marketing director. The rest of the ownership team includes local business owners, education advocates and community philanthropists, Nancy Duggan and Colin Roberston; Patricia Page and former Henderson County School Superintendent, Dr. Stephen Page.

Reed Bilbray is co-owner and managing partner of Zaniac Asheville